Friday, 4 September 2009

pass me a smile histry of winking cat tea cosy

My friend Mark ordered me "Could you make tea cosy which looks like chooky (his girlfriend's cat)". And I made 2 (I thought he can choose be favourite one ) and he said "Could I have both of them?"
And he teach me "your work is special and you better charge more" (He doesn't speak like that but I could not remember the special word it was kind of Equivalence to appreciate) .

I asked Mark to photograph chooky and tea cosy because I would like to intrudes chooky tea cosy in my book and he did perfectly (It wasn't easy because chooky is super shy cat).

Mark is father now and his son's head size just fit tea cosy.
We're still using them as tea cosies -- we just put one on Reuben for fun! by mark

thank you Mark passing smiles

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